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Falitplasto is one of the most acclaimed manufacturers of the finest X-ray covers in Gujarat, India. Our manufactory site is located in Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat. As we all know, X-ray captures significant images of our internal body. Thus, the Falitplasto team’s main objective is to provide a durable X-ray covers to sustain X-ray film for the long run. Our innovative team at Falitplasto recognizes & analyses customer’s requirements with minute details to create customized X-ray covers; with our exceptional engineering expertise, we develop robust X-ray covers.

Why chose only Falitplasto for X Ray Cover  ?

  • Customizable In size & print.
  • Durable & lightweight.
  • Dust resistant.Excellent
  • Printing & finishing.
  • Pocket friendly.

How We Manufacture X Ray Cover?

  • in the beginning, we collect raw materials like paper & pp sheet from certified seller.
  • secondly, we print as per client requirement & laminate it & finally in a high precision punching machine is use to give a perfect shape & finishing for x-ray cover.