Weighing Scale cover

Weighing Scale Cover Manufacturer & Suppliers

Falitplasto is one of the most acclaimed manufacturers of top-notch Weighing Scale cover bag in Gujarat, India. Our manufactory site is located in Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat. It is also known how important a mobile cover is, in the same way, all kinds of edible retail store & street hawkers need a cover for their weighing scale as it helps prevent stains, dust & water. Falitplasto understands the market & manufacture such protective covers for your valuable equipment such as weighing scale. Our weighing scale covers are tearproof & durable and stitched with robust thread at high frequency. All of the above characteristics make Falitplasto the premier manufacturer of weighing scale cover.

Why choose only FalitPlasto for weighing scale cover ?

  • Customizable in size.
  • Tearproof, waterproof & dust resistant.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Safe shielding material.
  • Tailor fit.

How weighing scale cover Manufacturing process done. ?

  • At first, we collect raw material like PVC roll from a certified seller. Secondly, a high precision punching machine is used to provide an accurate size & shape.
  • Furthermore, it carried to the stitching section at which the high-frequency stitching machine is used for a durable stitch. Finally, Velcro is affixed meticulously, and we get our final product “weighing scale cover by Falitplasto.”