Non Woven Bag

Non Woven Bag, Non Woven Bag Manufacturer & Suppliers

Falitplasto is one of the most acclaimed Non woven bag manufacturer in Gujarat, India. Our manufactory site is located in Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat.  In today’s date, plastic pollution is causing terrible damage to our health and mother nature. Now it’s time to switch Nonwoven bags for daily uses, Nonwoven bags by Falitplasto is absolutely environment friendly & user friendly. Our devoted team at Falitplasto have gain expertise in producing the most acceptable nonwoven bags in Gujarat. We also provide customization options to our clients like printing, making nonwoven bags an ideal way to advertise your beloved brand. All these qualities we provide make us the best leading manufacturer of Nonwoven bags in India’s booming market.

Why choose only Falitplasto for a Non-woven bag.

Customizable in size & printing.
Tearproof & flexible.
The environment friendly.
Pocket friendly.
Breathable for edibles.
Dual stitched.

How we manufacture non-woven bags.

  • In the primary stage, Falitplasto collects the best non-woven fabric from certified sellers.
  • Secondly, it is fragmented in various sizes and printed. At last, it is stitched with an ultrasonic stitching machine. Hence, we get our final product, “Non-woven bag by FalitPlasto.”