Garment Button Bag Manufacturer & Suppliers

Garment Button Bag Manufacturer & Suppliers

Falitplasto is one of the most acclaimed manufacturers of Garment button bag in Gujarat, India. Our manufactory site is located in Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat. The garment button bag by Falitplasto does not just protect the garment. It also provides a stunning live display of the garment, as it is fully transparent. Our high-grade Products are made out of tough PVC, and preinstalled advanced push buttons help unlock the bag effortlessly, and our garment button bags are enhanced with tubular, arch & hook handle, which makes our bags convenient, handy & simply stylish. 

Why choose only Falitplasto for Garment button bags. 

  • Customizable in size & shape.
  • Tough & imperishable.
  • Dust-resistant & water-resistant
  • High-grade PVC.
  • Advanced push button.
  • Crystal clear & glassy glance.

How We Manufacture Garment Button Bag.

  • First & foremost the essential material which is plastic roll is accumulated and split. 
  • Secondly, with a high frequency machine it is stitched to form a bag. In addition, high quality buttons & hanger are affixed for a topnotch garment button bagby falitplasto.