Advertisement Dangler, Advertisement Dangler Manufacturer

Falitplasto is one of the most prestigious  Advertisement Dangler manufacturer in Gujarat, India. Our manufactory site is located in Ahmedabad, heart of Gujarat. As we all known in today’s era every single business is going online the traditional brick & mortar shops are shutting down because they can’t opt for costly advertisement, so to bring back the retail shops our devoted team at Falitplasto provide vivid range of advertising Danglers which is absolutely eye catching & attracts customers at a glance which helps in promoting your business seamlessly  in a pocket friendly manner and in a very limited space.

Why to choose only Falitplasto for Advertisement Dangler.

  • Robust & eye catching.
  • Dust resistant & water resistant.
  • High quality material.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Especially for compact spaces.

How we manufacture Advertisement Dangler.

  • In the first stage Falitplasto’s expert team collects raw material which is PVC roll from certified suppliers. Secondly, it is carried to the cutting & fragmenting section after which it is printed in colorful advertisements as per clients need and at last and we get our final product advertisement Dangler by falitplasto.